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Keeping an Eye on AI with Dr. Kate Crawford – Microsoft Research

Discussion on the FATE of AI. Fairness, Accountability, Transparency and Ethics. Becoming a clear front of mind challenge for anyone working in the field.
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Controlling cross-border traffic without sacrificing security — GCN

The big challenge with all such ML applications is bias. What data sets will we use to teach the algorithm, how are we interpreting the scoring. ML is about people, how is the teacher influencing how the student sees the world?
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How Microsoft IT manages its move to the cloud

Here is a great video about how Microsoft’s internal IT has transformed themselves away from the traditional ICT function and move to an effective new role of hybrid cloud management and broker. We don’t have a traditional IT department anymore! Are you ready for the change?

Senior Program Manager, Lyle Dodge, will describe how Azure subscription models were implemented and how financial management changes have accelerated innovation and automation. We will discuss the organization’s evolution using an interdisciplinary approach to maximize knowledge growth and training, as Microsoft IT becomes a cloud services broker.
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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, underpinned with the real Cloud Platform ecosystem we have now, is a key and fundamental building block for the industrial revolution we find ourselves in.

Understanding AI and facing any fear, uncertainty and doubt will be important for a considered approach to its use and control.
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Microsoft: We Have the Qubits You Want

Quantum computing is on the horizon – the near horizon. With many of the huge names in tech chasing it, including us, we’re going to see an interesting time ahead when the qubit promise is realised.

Want to get a taste of the possible? In line with our drive for democratising tech, we’ve developed a quantum development language, Q#. Test drive the theory today.
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Estonia and Finland connect their data exchange layers for seamless cross-border data transfer | OpenGovAsia

Estonia and Finland connect their data exchange layers for seamless cross-border data transfer.

Most countries are still just thinking about the citizen value of bridging cross-agency data silos, and here we are looking at addressing cross-border data silos.
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